Zonnique is one of the most adorable pregnant women I’ve ever seen. Motherhood is such a unique journey, and most women take to it differently. Judging by her Instagram feed, it looks like she plans to fully embrace the changes her body is going through. It is beautiful to see! When it comes to pregnancy […]

Zonnique Pullins, daughter of Tiny Harris and stepdaughter of rapper T.I., says her arrest last week was all a big misunderstanding.

Every week the Rap Attack crew grades all things hip-hop but, this isn’t your TYPICAL report card. We have our own way of doing things. Check out our grading policy: D – The Highest Grade….D for “DOPE” C – An OK Grade….C for “Chills” B – Uhhhh…. B for “Boooooo” A – TRY AGAIN…A for AWWWW HELLLL NO!!! This Week: HIP HOP: Wale […]

T.I. and Tiny’s daughter, Zonnique, got caught up. While traveling out of Hartfields-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta late last night, she was arrested for trying to get a semiautomatic pistol through the metal detector. Zonnique Pullins was arrested around 10pm last night and released around 2am this morning. Pullins, says she has a license to […]

https://www.instagram.com/p/BGAeg_Hy3yU/?taken-by=majorgirl Tiny Harris is enjoying being a new mom again with the latest addition to the family, one- month-old Heiress Diana. Tiny and T.I welcomed their lucky number 7 in March but had not shared a photo of the new bundle of joy—until now. Tiny posted the adorable photo above of her holding Heiress Diana, captioned, “No […]

T.I & Tiny‘s daughter Zonnique is now a grown woman and is here to show the world what she’s capable of. The 19-year-old singer enlists none other than Young Thug…

Twitter and Instagram has a field day going off about Tamika “Tiny” Harris getting cosmestic surgery to permanently change her eye color.  Now, her 18 year-old daughter Zonnique has started her own fire after posting IG photos appearing to have gotten the surgery done herself. Check it out below. Related Links: How Tiny Offended This […]

I think Zonnique (OMG Girl memeber) will think twice when it comes to posting pics on Instagram! Well, maybe the fella who responded “Can I F*ck?” under the picture may have to think again too because step-daddy T.I. don’t take likely to being disrespectful to his family! Zonnique posted a pic on Instagram where some […]

Rockstar lifestyle might not make it...well, that wasn't the case with <strong>Tiny's</strong> daughter Rockstar Birthday party down in Atlanta, but see who stopped through to help celebrate.

T.I. made his second appearance since his release from prison when he celebrated his stepdaughter’s Zonnique Pullins birthday.