At this point in the rap game, anytime you see Weezy or get a verse from him, it’s a rare opportunity. Years ago, Wayne was on every song, he was everywhere but the last couple of years, he’s played the back but Hip Hop knows that he’s still one of the goats. In one of […]

Man, I know Jim Jones is really smacking himself in the head right now because he REALLY could be “Ballin'”! In a recent interview, Jim admitted that he passed on signing Drake because he was an actor in a wheelchair. “I got a call from [music executive] Alan Grunblatt, I think I was on tour, […]

For the very first time, The Head Barb…The Queen of Rap…..Chun Li (who actually showed up during the interview)…..Barbie, or whatever you call her, Nicki Minaj pulled up on The AM Clique with DJ Angelbaby and Kelson. While Nicki is gearing up to release her new single, “Do We Have A Problem” featuring Lil Baby, […]

An artist affiliated with Lil Wayne‘s Young Money recording label imprint was sentenced this week to life in prison on a double murder conviction. Widner “Flow” Degruy was handed down the sentence on Tuesday (May 14) in connection to a 2015 Memorial Day case. reports: Degruy, 27, was convicted April 8 of two counts […]

Birdman can’t pay Lil Wayne his money (and we all know it’s been years since Wayne started talking about not getting his money), but he’s about to invest in the latest Louis Vuitton toilet. WH? Too much money or too much time to find stuff to spend money on? Pay that man his money and […]

The rumors have been going around for years but now it seems REAL! Lil Wayne and Birdman have been at odds for years and Jay Z is a businessman so he has the answer for Weezy. Looks like Jay & Wayne are on the same team now and Roc Nation is growing to be a […]

Well it seems that this was bound to happen. The “Carter” administration is complete! Lil Wayne has signed to Roc Nation. I feel like it was a matter of time. You know the boy Jay Z will pay Weezy his worth. Cash Money is dead now….like for real….who’s  REALLY waiting on a Gudda Gudda album? […]

I don’t know whether all of the money that Birdman owes Lil Wayne has got him afraid of money or whether he just don’t like money being tossed at him. Hell, I bet if Stunna threw all of the money that he owed at him, he would take it, right? During a concert the other […]

Word on the streets is rapper Nas is courting Nicki Minaj...

      New music alert what do you think Nicki and future team up and bring some fire. Is it a smash or trash you be the judge.         Catch me on your radio live weekends on 92q Follow me on all social media @lilblacktheceo      

When Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne posted reunion photos on Instagram last week, our first thought was there’s new music on the way – but it sounds like what the Young Money artists actually have in store for fans is far greater than a collaboration. Last night at the O2 Arena, he hinted at […]

It’s going on 2 years and Lil Wayne still ain’t here for Birdman and Cash Money. While wrapping up a show in Syracuse over the weekend, once again Weezy offered some not so nice advice for Birdman and Cash Money. Wayne yelled, “F**k Cash Money in the A** …..”. Geez! Just pay that man his […]