It seems there will be yet another addition to Young Buck’s struggle files. He was recently booked by police for allegedly vandalizing his ex-girlfriend’s vehicle. As spotted on Complex the Nashville, Tennessee MC was back behind bars. This time local police cuffed him for reportedly doing way too much with his former lover’s property. On Wednesday, […]

Truth be told, we don't care what Buck's sexual preference is because it's really none of our business, but 50 Cent obviously isn't about to give Buck a pass and will use whatever defaming material he can to tease and bully Buck any chance he gets.

At this point you either think 50 Cent is a great businessman or the pettiest millionaire right behind Donald Trump. His former talent is now free and is barking back. As spotted on Complex Young Buck is is no longer behind bars. For those who not in the know the “Shorty Wanna Ride” rapper recently spent four […]

Looks like Young Buck won’t be on 50 Cent‘s “pay me by Monday” roll call after the former G-Unit member filed for bankruptcy. According to AllHipHop, Young Buck, who has been sitting behind bars at Tennessee’s Cheatham County Jail since last December due to an outstanding child abandonment warrant, officially filed for bankruptcy back in […]

Young Buck was arrested in Cheatham County, Tennessee on a Georgia warrant on Dec. 27, 2019 and as of today, he's still in jail. 

Young Buck just can’t came seem to stay away from court and prison. On Wednesday, the former G-Unit rapper was sentened to 7 months in prison for violating the conditions of his supervised release and probation on an arrest from last month. What’s worse, the Memphis emcee has pending domestic assault and vandalism charges. Buck took […]

Police revealed that he was picked up after his ex reported the rapper texted her the threat on Wednesday.

Fetty Wap got a huge cosign from the mainstream music world last week with a feature in this month’s issue of Maxim. Even bigger? Taylor…

G-Unit is currently on tour promoting their new project The Beauty Of Independence EP. Lloyd Banks, Kidd Kidd and Tony Yayo are happy to be back doing what they love to do best and that’s make music. 50 Cent and Young Buck weren’t able to make the interview due to scheduling conflicts. G-Unit kicked it […]

G-Unit is back together and are touring the country to promote their new project The Beauty Of Independence EP. Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo and Kidd Kidd stopped by Baltimore to chop it up with Off The Hook Radio‘s Pork and Squirrel. 50 Cent is currently filming Power and Young Buck was celebrating his daughter’s birthday. Look […]