Rickey Smiley tells Dr. Collier was giving helpful tips to listeners who called in with medical questions. When one woman called up with concerns about her boyfriend’s belly fat, he gave her the perfect set of tips to flatten things out for her. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Click on the audio player to hear […]

There's a reason why a now expectant Ms. Jackson has been missing from the public eye since her announcement.

Gary With Da Tea says Beyonce is gaining weight and knows exactly why. Listen to Gary’s Tea in the audio player to find out why Bey is putting on extra pounds all…

We commend Amber Rose for leaving the house when most new celebrities mommies are still in hiding! Recently Amber and her mom indulged on a shopping trip for the baby and gave photographers and eyeful!  She is definitely embracing everything that Mommyhood brings with Baby Bash and Daddy Wiz.  Just weeks later, Amber shows off a […]

Beyonce  is the smoking hot cover for GQ Magazines Feb 2013 issue. We bet you are sure to fall in love with this issue. Mama Bey is looking smoking hot post Blue Ivy. Her tummy and hips scream “I am on the Kanye work out plan”.  She is probably dancing for Jay-Z day and night looking the […]

Wisconsin News Anchor Jennifer Livingston takes a stand to check a “bully” for criticizing her on her weight. Personally I was amazed while watching this video. I marveled at her courage and composure as she addressed the viewer head on. Bullying in schools and on the internet is far too familiar nowadays among kids, but […]

Rush Limbaugh may need to get his eyes checked…Rush Limbaugh thinks not only is Michelle Obama is a hypocrite, he thinks she is fat. We all know about the First Lady encouraging Americans, particularly children, to eat healthy and exercise. So what got Limbaugh’s panties in a twist?? The First Lady ate ribs while on […]

Janet Jackson has struggled with her weight her entire life, and revealed when she was a kid, she was teased by her older brothers. The singer made an appearance on “The Today Show” and revealed the following: “I would literally bang my head up against the wall because I didn’t feel attractive . . . […]

Some fans took a picture of Whitney Houston recently and she looks like she had been eating very well, or like she is pregnant!