war on drugs

In a narrative posted by The New York Times, Jay Z is lending his voice to blast “The War On Drugs”. In a short film, which features artwork from Molly Crabapple, Jay Z gives a lesson on the history of drugs and how they tried to deal with the explosion of it. Want news at your […]

It came as no surprise to some African-Americans this week when news broke that a former aide to President Richard M. Nixon developed anti-drug policies that targeted Black people.

The so-called "War On Drugs" has largely been seen by critics as a draconian tactic that has negatively impacted communities of color, contributing to urban blight and wiping out a whole generation of young Black men who were locked behind bars for nonviolent crimes.

  Pastors from around the nation are speaking out about the “war on drugs” according to The Huffington Post. They are specifically addressing  the toll…