Today’s the Freddie Gray protests started out peaceful but sadly things have taken a turn for the worst in downtown B’more. The D.A. brought you non-stop coverage during our show on 92Q.com.  In the beginning folks were gathering in the name of justice…gathering in front of city hall and flooding the the streets near Camden […]

  Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Another violent weekend in the city. What can we do as a community to put an end to the senseless violence in Baltimore? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #bmore Cornell Willis It falls on the Men of Maryland to become better Fathers, Mentors and Role Models. We have failed at our jobs to properly […]

Columbus Short shot and released this video of his estranged wife violently beating down his “friend”. This is surely an effort to prove that she is the violent one in the relationship.  One thing is for sure, she ain’t no punk.  LOL but seriously she doesn’t seem to be a stranger to throwing some punchers, […]

ViaFoxbaltimore.com Morgan State University recently fired its President. Dr. David Wilson’s contract in and 8 to 7 vote was voted not to be extended next year. Wilson has been the President of the University since 2012. But, the decision came after a violent 2012 fall semester for the school. Read More.  Most Newsworthy 2012 Events […]