This is why you dont do stupid things. Above is footage of some girl who thought it would be cool to play gold on an ice lake. Some of the footage seen will be disturbing but funny at the same time. source 

In the aftermath of all of the drama that went down at Chris Brown‘s house, it’s clear that not a lot of foresight went into the situation, especially on behalf of the instigator herself, Baylee Curran. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! While Chris Brown is certainly at fault for just allowing this random chick to […]

So these two idiots decide top steal a car and an I Phone. Not only did they steal the phone but decided to record a video on the phone which lead to their arrest because the video was sent straight to the phone owners I Cloud. People have to be smarter now days smh. source

  This guy was so serious when he thought New Orleans was a city. He was almost ready to fight just to prove himself right. Message to all the kids, please stay in school or end up getting the dummy of the day award too. Some of the language in the video may be offensive […]

You gotta see Rihanna check her drunk a** bestie, Leandra after the BET Awards. They were surrounded by paparazzi and through all the noise, you can hear Rih-Rih telling her to get her shat together….and uses a couple adult words…LOL. We’ve all been there and that’s why I love me some Rih-Rih. Seeing this clip, […]

Lol….Kevin Hart is a mess and he kills it on social media. If you follow this Real Husband of Hollywood, you know what I mean. He has a youtube series called “Turn Up” and basically it’s him showing the world how he turns up in the car. The latest installment is of him turning up […]

Nicki Minaj has released the video for her buzz single, Stupid Stupid, off her ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’ album. Don’t expect to see this version of the video anytime soon on a TV network. The reason being is because she didn’t want to censor her creativity. **WARNING: Video contains explicit lyrics** For the barbs that […]