While it may not be a national student-debt relief 200,000 people woke up debt-free in the student loans category. Most recently President Joe Biden and his Administration announced the cancelation if $3.9 Billion for students that attended ITT Technical Institution after January 2005. ITT, which used to be one of the country’s largest operators of […]


President Biden's extension of a moratorium on federal student loan debt payments falls short of demands to cancel it altogether as the racial wealth gap continues to widen. Studies show that Black students are affected the most by student debt.


On Wednesday, the US Department of Education announced changes amounting to a full overhaul of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, which grants loan forgiveness to people who work at non-profits or in the public sector once they've made payments for10 years—or at least that's what it's supposed to do.

HBCUs are often times leading the way in education for the culture. Delaware State University is taking it a step higher by offering to cancel over $700,000 in student debt for recent graduates of their institution. According to @hbcupridenation via Instagram, “Delaware State University announced this week that it will cancel more than $730,000 in […]

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Dee triumphantly raps, “For those who doubted me, yeah this is payback. No sir, I don’t drive a Maybach. But guess what I did? I finished paying Sallie Mae back.”

   So you graduated, but you know what that means! Time to pay off those student loans.I know want to ignore them but you can’t. Having thousands of dollars in student loans hanging over your head will result in nothing good. Here are a few tips on what to do below: Figure out how much […]