Willie Rogers, who also served with the Red Tail Angels, passed away from complications from a previous stroke.

The sedentary habit has been linked to several health ailments, including heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Ivan Hernandez, doctor of physical therapy and fitness enthusiast, joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss "Sitting Disease," who is being impacted by it, and how a sedentary lifestyle may be shaving years off your life.

Formerly retired gangster Suge Knight collapsed in court Friday morning shortly after a judge set his bail at $25 million for killing one man and injuring another with his truck. ¬†Check out the video and full story below. Did Suge Run Them Over On Purpose or Not See For Yourself? [VIDEO] Check out the full […]

We’re hearing more stories about people of all ages being diagnosed with an array of conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and even having heart attacks and strokes.¬† In the past, we’ve associated these conditions and diseases with older people however times have changed.

Putting in <strong>extra hours</strong> on the job may be good for your bank account but bad for your heart according to a new study.

Doctor's have given chocolate lovers a reason to celebrate with their findings in a recent heart-health study.

Heart attacks , strokes and cardiac arrest are affecting our population at a younger and younger age now a days; we must educate ourselves on the warning signs for these ailments in order to stop them before they start. Here are some of the warning signs that you should look out for.