Dre and Sophie get the latest drama between one Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran. Word on the street is that Chris, who slated to perform, doesn’t want to see her at the BET Awards. Unfortunately for Breezy, Karrueche has her own plans and plans with someone else…  Boy oh Boy Chris is not going to […]

As girls flex their bushy armpits, Baltimoreans slide through the city and Yeezy slides us a bit of truth about the latest Chuck E Cheese rumors surrounding him.  Did he really kick a bunch of kids out of the popular pizza franchise? ..and hear an untold Yeezy secret plus what’s this about a big water slide […]

Dre and Sophie examine what happened with Nicki and her ex, Safaree, who claims Ms. Minaj, hasn’t been telling the whole story regarding their relationship. Plus….what’s up with this chic Rachel Dolezal, the NAACP member, that may not actually be black! Hear it all in The D.A. Report..Just hit the player below! What do you […]

A$AP Rocky goes all the way in on RocNation Pop Star, Rita Ora, when asked about him referencing her on his latest album.  The NYC rapper says he doesn’t usually kiss and tell but when you out him and damage his relations, it’s war! & Yes, Nicki is spilling the beans on what she likes […]

As Dre hits the streets, Sophie takes over and dishes on the latest IG beef ala The Game vs Young Thug. It seems the Game hasn’t been feeling how Young Thug did Tunechi and he was vocal about it on social media and so Young Thug clapped back with some actual depth and thougtfulness…. and […]

Plies Gets Slammed By a Fan!!!! We’re gonna go ahead and put this in the “Dayummm!” files.  Wow, Plies seriously needs to hire new security.  While at a gig in Florida, a fan joined the 5’5 “Bust It Baby” MC on stage then things get fugly.   Plies goes in on the fan for getting […]

  Dre Johnson, Alichia Cruz and Sophie dissect the disrespectful comments about actress, Zendaya’s locs made by Fashion Police hosts, Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osbourne.  Should they be fired? Were they really racist? Did Kelly pull a J.T. ala Super Bowl move and let Giuliana bite the bullet…or worse did she throw her under the […]

  K.  Michelle vs. Nicki Minaj…who rocked it better and what’s the Meek Mill connection? + Jeremih Get’s Arrested & Breezy back with his Ride or Die! all that and more in ….   First off, Jeremih was arrested at a Newark airport after he tried to sneak a friend onto a plane.  The plane […]

  An established actress exposes Bill Cosby and Bey exposes a fuller backside…but is it real? The actress pictured to the left, in the above pic decided to share her Bill Cosby story this weekend on her facebook page.   Her name is Michelle Hurd and she says Bill was also inappropriate with her when she […]

The D.A. salutes Ms. Iggy Azalea for being built for the biz.  She took a crazy fall off stage at a Pre-VMA performance and how she handles the fall is admirable.  Sophie dedicated The D.A. Report to her agility. Check out the video..to see the entire incident… and listen to the audio below to hear […]

Jay Z’s alleged side chick and Beyonce’s latest hater, a rapper by the name of Yes Liv Can, joined The D.A. to talk about her claims in the diss track, “Sorry Ms. Carter”.   The Beyhive is still a-buzz and hip-hop fans have raised a brow.  This m.c., Yes Liv Can, has been linked to Hov before and […]

    Floyd Mayweather admitted to sexing Tiny, T.I.’s wife, while on stage, in front of a ton of people, including members of the media at a boxing promo event.   Click the tmz.com video below to see him bluntly admit it…smh.  We knew Mayweather had some douchey tendencies but c’mon son, really? You know the […]