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There is a lot of interesting TV news making the rounds and we have you covered with all the latest news. In this roundup, find out about Tatyana Ali’s lawsuit against The Real and the new TV pilots starring sexy actors Taye Diggs and Shemar Moore. Tatyana Ali’s ‘The Real’ Lawsuit Dismissed Back in July […]


The Criminal Minds star set the record straight during a recent interview.

Bill Bellamy and Shemar Moore came through to the morning show studio to talk about their new film, “The Bounce Back.” They talked with Headkrack and Gary With Da Tea about being entertainers that women check for, and whether the thirstiness of their female fans ever overwhelms them. Bill talks about his Unsung Hollywood episode, […]

Actor Shemar Moore wins court battle against former homeboy who stole from him. According to reports,  Keith Tisdell  a struggling actor was ordered to repay Shemar Moore $61k after embezzling the money from Shemar’s multiple sclerosis charity. Shemar testified in court this week that he funded overseas vacations for the pair and gave Keith money […]

People left nasty comments under the playful photo, accusing Moore of being gay and in the closet.

Kevin Hart’s love for pets and his rescue dog is no secret. Now you can find him voicing an adorable rabbit with wicked tendencies in his new film SECRET LIFE OF PETS in theaters July 8, 2016. “Make me the person my dog thinks I am,” goes the famous saying. And for those living in […]

I love Obama but not this much, check out Shemar Moore’s new tat!

Crimnal Minds star Shemar Moore threw a Super Bowl party and things got pretty wild. The more pressing matter at the shindig was the fact he was photographed kissing multiple white women and didn’t take one photo with a black woman. Does Brian White Hate Black Women? Shemar Moore has come under fire for dating […]

Shemar Moore visited Ellen Degeneres’ show recently where he participated in a game with an audience member. Though the lucky lady was only supposed to identify Shemar by touching his abs while blindfolded, he practically gave the answer away – with his tongue! Watch the action below! Even Ellen is shocked! RELATED LINKS: Shemar Moore […]

Shemar Moore covers Maximum Fitness magazine’s July/August 2011 issue. Inside, he talks about cheating death and his commitment and drive to remain strong and lean. On August 1, 2009, Moore had gone out cycling, which isn’t uncommon for the actor; he’s recently been racing in charity events for multiple sclerosis (a disease his mother suffers […]

Everybody loves Bad "Paid-For" Photos, and they're even better when they belong to Shemar Moore! The sexy actor brought his embarrassing photos to "The Ellen Degeneres Show" and ended up showing off more than he bargained for!