Sheek Louch was trending last night during the Verzuz battle for still being fine.

In honor of The Lox stopping through Rap Attack its only right that we take you back down memory lane with some classic Lox music and Lox moments!! ***May contain STRONG language. Parental Discretion is advised*** Classic Lox Interview: The Lox Ride or Die Chick The Lox “Money Power Respect” The Lox “We’ll Always Love […]

Rapper Sheek Louch recalls chilling in the studio with Biggie, Total, Craig Mack and more.

Sheek Louch stopped by Bmore to chat it up with Rap Attack about what he’s been up to, Diddy, promoting his new single “Party After 2” and more. Before leaving, he had to spit a lil somethin’. Check out this freestyle. He was a beast!!!

Sheek Louch is loving the drama that his album cover has been creating. The artwork for Donnie G: Don Gorilla shows a split image of Sheek’s face with a gorilla’s sparking outrage that he is calling up racist stereotypes of Black folks. But he doesn’t seem fazed in the least.

Ghostface Killah’s ninth proper album, Apollo Kids, hits stores on December 14th and is certain to be another solid entry into the Wu-Tang Clan member’s discography.

Sheek Louch, one-third of the Lox, is getting ready to drop a brand new album, Donnie G: Don Gorilla, his first for Def Jam Records, but we just wanna know what’s up with that album cover?

This Wu-Massacre album is officially gonna be bananas!