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Apparently, Sean Kingston isn't taking any shorts despite his penchant for not paying for jewelry or being victimized. The crooner allegedly pulled a gun on a music video director and assaulted the man, too.

Sean Kingston is faced with yet another complaint about an unpaid jewelry bill. Serious charges have been filed and, if convicted, could land him in jail. Kingston has a long, long history of buying jewelry and not paying his bills. He appeared unbothered by the news in his social media posts.

Sean Kingston has popped up from under the rock he apparently had been hiding under. Not only did he pop up outta’ nowhere but he’s spilling hot tea!! Sean Kingston sat down for an interview and claims that Serena Williams was his ex. From the interview snippet he claims that Serena may have been more like […]

When it comes to being beat up by Migos in Las Vegas, Sean Kingston is like, “Bih Where?” According to reports, Kingston and The Migos members allegedly got into it over an argument about Soulja Boy. Reports hit the net off the “Bad & Boujee” clique beating the brakes off him, but as of yet, […]

Seems rapper/producer Sean Kingston cant catch a break. From getting robbed in clubs to getting internet beefs it seems lately trouble lives with him. Rumor is rappers the Migos ran across Kingston in Las Vegas an a altercation ensued. The details are still unclear as to who did what but you know I got you […]

The 1992 West Coast rapper released a visual to go along with his "Pest Control" diss record yesterday – and it's not lacking in comedic relief.

The Game called out Meek Mill and Sean Kingston last week in what fans thought was a random attack from the rapper—and now the LAPD are involved, saying his story may be false after all. The Compton rapper claims that Sean Kingston and Meek were in touch with police after Kingston was robbed in LA, and […]

If you have been keeping up with what has been going on between The Game, Meek Mill, and Sean Kingston, you already know its been getting pretty ugly. From The Game threatening to beat Meek Mill and Sean Kingston up on sight to the disrespect on IG post and diss songs, we know that when […]

The Game is the biggest bully in the game other than 50 cent. He’s saying that Sean Kingston and Meek Mill snitched on him and also says the only thing he wants to do is fight Meek Mill. Meek has not responded 100 percent to the game yet but Sean Kingston had a few things to say. Some of […]

  So can we offically say Game is bout that life as rumors spread of him or his crew alledgedly robing singer/producer Sean Kingston. The verdict is still out on this one as details come in but his mother is going off begging for someone QUOTE to give him her sons jewelery back. photo:getty images […]

Every week the Rap Attack crew grades all things hip hop but, this isn’t your TYPICAL report card. We have our own way of doing things. Check out our grading policy: D – The Highest Grade….D for “DOPE“ C – An OK Grade….C for “Chills“ B – Uhhhh…. B for “Boooooo“ A – TRY AGAIN…A for AWWWW HELLLL NO!!! This Week: HIP […]

Sean Kingston is in very hot water with an Los Angeles jeweler after refusing to pay the full amount of $225,000 for a watch that he feels isn’t worth that much. The Jamaican singer has filed a police report claiming that he was kidnapped during a jewelry exchange on Tuesday evening. According to TMZ: “He bought […]