School Daze

I was shocked to get this news today! Get ready for another Spike Lee Joint! Rumor has it, Spike confirmed a School Daze sequel? Who’s gonna be in it? Where will it be filmed? Will Tisha Campbell and Lawrence Fishburne make a return to their iconic characters? Get ready Mission College! Spike Lee’s classic Black college […]

By Raynard Jackson, NNPA Columnist: I was flipping through the TV channels last week and came across one of Spike Lee’s best movies, School Daze.  This was…

Spike Lee has never been one to shy away from controversy.  In the 1988 film School Daze, Lee gives a semi-autobiographical account of his experience attending Morehouse College, the historically all male black institution in Atlanta, Georgia.  With a satirical eye, Lee explored hot-button topics such as colorism, misogyny, class divisions and apartheid. While School Daze […]

Over at TheFreshexpress columnist TheUppityNegro takes on the fun challenge of ranking the four most popular fictional HBCUS from film and TV: Hillman College, Mission College, Atlanta A&T University and Truth University.