I saw it coming! Suzie fell for the okie-doke from BBW cast member Tami Roman and stepped over the line of comfort with Tasha Malbury about the chef scandal.   SOURCE Check out the sneak peek: Mmmmm…… scaaaaannnnddddalllllll!!! Related stories: Tami Roman Talks Basketball Wives Drama With Luda [Audio] Basketball Wives Star Loses Mom To […]

The Bishop Eddie Long drama train rolls on. In a matter of  72 hours, Bishop Eddie Long’s wife, Vanessa, has filed for divorce, withdrawn her petition–and now, Bishop Eddie Long has decided to take some time off from New Birth Missionary Baptist. Long said the situation is “not because of allegations” of sexual relationships last […]

One of Tiger Woods’ side pieces, porn star Joslyn James, posted all of the texts that he sent her over a 2 month period on her website, and frankly, dude’s sexting game is nowhere near as good as his golf game.

Wyclef’s personal assistant, Zakiya Khatou-Chevassus received a salary of $105,000 a year according to Yelé Haiti’s 2008 tax refund.