Alan Upshur is an avid thinker and philosopher who loves to write poems and admires those who boldly go after their dreams. He has been in the real estate field for over 5 years starting out as a real estate agent. He began his career at Keller Williams as winning rookie of the year. He […]

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West don't make it to New York often, but when they do, they do it with style.

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Beyoncé and Jay Z‘s aptly titled “Sandcastle Mansion” in the Hamptons is available for rent during the month of July. The dreamy 12-bedroom, 12-bathroom home located in Bridgehampton spans over 11.5 acres and includes a 60-foot heated pool with an underwater stereo system. Luxuriate after a long day with 31,000 square feet […]

Nestled in D.C.'s Kalorama neighborhood, their 8,200-square-foot, four-story brick home has nine bedrooms, a wine cellar and an amazing garden.

Russell Westbrook might be planning on making the jump to L.A.

Beyonce and Jay Z have shelled out the big bucks for the “La Casa de Castille”, according to sources like Variety and the real estate blog Curbed. A Spanish baroque…

A billionaire outbid Jay Z and Beyonce on the California home they wanted so they are starting from square one.  Their buddy, Gwenyth Paltrow has been talking the couple into moving to LA full-time.  Now they are renting a home until the decide if they’re really about “dat LA life.” Hov and Bey actually got […]


The Chicago house featured in that sex tape that featured an underage girl and some guy who looked an awful lot like R. Kelly is up for sale.