President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are making their rounds and trying to get the lost sheep back. If you haven’t voted yet tomorrow is your day to do so. Jay Z will be doing a FREE concert for President Obama in Ohio. See Here: VOTE Follow Me On Instagram/Twitter @Konan92Q President Obama On “The […]

We need to take this election as serious as the last four elections. This one is closer than everybody thought it would be and early election still going on until Nov 1st. It doesn’t matter who you are voting for just vote. See Stats: Election Follow Me On Instagram/Twitter @Konan92Q How Will Obama’s Decision To […]

We all knew this would be a debate that would have people talking and it still has us at work and on the phone talking to friends, family and co-workers. I just couldn’t wait for them to answer the issues that we all face in these hard times in America. How do you think the […]

Tonight most homes in the USA will be tuned in to the Presidential debate, but will they be listening for clues. This is a year some people will just vote for their favorite and not listen to the issues being debated. I say to everyone!! PAY ATTENTION TONIGHT…. Your vote matters as you will see […]