It looks like Cardi B may be facing potential legal troubles after she threw her mic at a concert attendee in response to a fan throwing a drink the rapper’s face. According to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, a woman filed a police report for battery, claiming she was hit by an object thrown […]

Just hours after the arrest singer Justin Bieber, Miami Beach Police posted Bieber’s mugshot and full arrest report on Twitter.  Justin’s buddies also had their muggies and reports posted on Twitter.  The reports include their addresses and other personal information.  The police department posted various tweets, bragging about their right to post the information.  It […]

“Stop Snitching”…do you live by this motto?  Or would you report supspicious behavior in your neighborhood?  What if the behavior involved the wellbeing of a child?  I’m very interested in hearing your thoughts. **leave a comment here or hit me up on  or