Ok so I’m about to save up my radio checks so I can buy one of these puppies. I’m going to name the puppy “Try Me.” Anybody who tries me I’m going to sick my man-sized pitbull on them. Press play below to see these scary dogs.   ALSO TRENDING: Young Thug Says There Will […]

Pitbull gets emotional while receiving the honor, Mick Jagger is expecting his 8th child & more

While you're anticipating the latest hip-hop drama storylines, two songs have dropped just in time to sing along when Empire returns.

Season 14 of American Idol came to an epic end last night with star-studded performances by Jamie Foxx and Chris Brown, Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull,…


This is a New Year so Pitbull and Ne-Yo brought it in with a new song ‘Time Of Our Live”.. Artist are now teaming up to bring us good music that can be played on all stations. The New Year should bring us a new sound in music and revive the industry.   See More: […]

Miami rapper Pitbull has hit the big time. He was recently announced as the host for this year’s American Music Awards ceremony. He will be…

Black Music Month

In the immortal words of NFL great Dion Sanders, “Must be the money.” There’s plenty of money floating around in the world of entertainment, so…

Looks like Jay Z got more than just the attention of the White House. We know that Pitbull is who he is for what he does but he also has a voice. When everybody had something to say about Jay Z and his trip to Cuba. Pitbull said what’s the big deal? The White House […]

Well Pitbull isn’t happy with Lil Wayne trying to diss his city. He said Lil Wayne knows who is really making the money and it’s not Weezy. I guess it will be hard for Lil Wayne to roll thru Miami and get some love. See More: Pitbull & Lil Wayne Follow Me On Instagram/Twitter @Konan92Q […]

Remember when Ukranian TV personality Vitalii Seduik got smacked by Will Smith because he tried to kiss him on the red carpet?  Well, Seduik is back at it again and almost pulled a Kanye on Adele at he 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on February 10, 2013 in Los Angeles. Just before Adele […]


The Queen of Hip Hop Soul, Mary J Blige, held center court last night for the 2012 All-Star Game. Mary J Blige sung the National Anthem. http://www.dailymotion.com/embed/video/xp2oon 212226193221 by YardieGoals What were your thoughts about Mary J Blige singing the National Anthem? If you ask me, she owned it and made it her own! Go […]

It went DOWN at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles Sunday night! In a nutshell: Nicki Minaj kicked butt, J. Lo got naked in the same building as Marc Anthony but wouldn’t touch him, Kelly Clarkson had a ‘DONK’, Chris Brown #SuperSmashedKilled his performance, Christina Aguilera looked like a stuffed sardine, we were once […]