Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Today is ‪#‎CyberMonday‬! Which do you prefer shopping online or going to the store? Why? Rashawn Thompson I’d rather go to the store at lest you can try things on there Shekella Charity In the store, I like to see what I’m buying in person Robin Akinwale Online NoOnes TakingCharge ButMe Going to […]

The FBI has confirmed that sources from North Korea are indeed behind the Sony email hack and data breach that sent an uproar throughout Hollywood and potentially destroyed a few careers.  The film “The Interview” which depicts the death of North Korean leader Kim Jung Un, cancelled its Christmas release after 5 major theater chains […]

Another great week in IG land and of we got some gems for you.  Sorry Marilyn fans but this is funny.  Shout out @desco10 thanks for sharing. very true… it’s all about the packaging ladies. shout out to @mzfeelzsogud for this  lol yes @connie_3loves we hear you on this….but Chief Keef tho…lol  Home town love […]

We see it all the time and some of us are guilty of it…. What are some things that “THIRSTY’ people do on social networks? …and what do u think needs to stop? Here is what some folks on IG had to say… Drop a comment here….and connect with me tweetAcruz on IG @tweetacruz on […]

Wyclef was feeling pretty good for his birthday. So good that he wanted to show the world by posting half-naked pics of himself online. The pics were posted with a caption that read, “TODAY I AM 43 YEARS OLD! I look And feel 26! U cant keep à good Man down! Keep à smile when […]

Via Fox Baltimore Maryland residents in their 20s or 30s may now be eligible to renew driver’s licenses online or at self-service kiosks. The Motor Vehicle Administration said Monday it is implementing the first of two phases for a new process to streamline driver’s license renewals. The new service uses the most recent photograph of […]

Check out BMore’s Caddy Da Don spitting on Meek Mill’s “Amen”….He’s got a lot of love for his city and the Q family.  He shouts out our phenom jocks, the Q Crew, and even our boss Al Payne aka Al Peezie. Hot track and of course great lyrics:)  What do you think? Is this track […]

It’s time to get those gifts out of the way without having to struggle with the mall traffic and mobs of shoppers.  There are a few things you need to know about shopping.  Check out these tips! 1.  Choose Credit Over Debit 2.  Disposable Is Better 3.  Verify Website Security A secure web site starts with […]