Police remove Occupy Baltimore protesters from McKeldin Square near the Harbor this morning. Your thoughts? "@ChynoFuturistic: I am (was) an occupier I feel its a total disrespext the the first amendment and... Click to read more!

THE D.A. REPORT The Occupy movement has people in Essex, Md a little mad and the Mega Star Jay-Z is probably a little sad.  Listen to The D.A. Report for all the Details.

Question: Should the City force the Occupy Baltimore Protesters out of Mckeldin Square located across from the Harbor? Shantier Barnes No, it’s there right to be there…they should 1st see what they r protesting for then try to compromise to get them out. Not force Adrianne Fleet Yes,,,what are they actually protesting,nothing ,they are using […]

So, I’m sure you’ve noticed the masses of protesters in the Inner Harbor. The “Occupy Baltimore” protest have made some Baltimorians  feeling alittle “uneasy” with the lack of public safety and the overwhelming allegations of crime and drug use. This protest is in support of changing the unemployment in the city but I honestly believe […]