For the people lacking the cash this video is for you. For the people out there who wonder why they havent made it further financially click this video. This is pure motivation for the people seeing a 17 yr old millionaire explain how he did it. source 

Dre and Sophie chop it up and talk about the gay celeb crushin on August Alsina and hear what August has to say about it.  Click to Hear More in The D.A. Report! The D.A. also delves into Mariah’s new relationship with James Packer and when we should expect to hear wedding billionaire wedding bells […]

Robert Griffin III of the Washington Washington Football Team is under fire for accepting wedding gifts from fans after The Washington Post published a link to the NFLer’s wedding registry and revealed the couple’s wedding date.  The fans responded by buying loads of gifts from the registry and sending them directly to RG3 and his […]

Miley Cyrus is a successful actress and businesswoman at 19 years old. Is she too young to get married to her on-again/off-again boyfriend, 22 year-old Australia actor Liam Hemsworth? He is reportedly spending 100K on her engagement ring. Take the poll!

The internet has been buzzing about her.  I first heard about her on Twitter.  Dave Chapelle was making jokes about her, so naturally I had to research…and OMG!!! LMAO!!!!!  but I guess this internet sensation is having the last laugh.  Her name is Rebecca Black, the song is “FRiday” and she is a millionaire now…..if […]

If <strong> J.K. Rowling</strong>, creator of Harry Potter made it from rags to riches, so can you. Read her story and be inspired.