Kyte.Embed.path=””;Kyte.Embed.altpath=””;window.kyteplayer=new Kyte.Player(“”,{appKey:”default”,width:416,height:312,p:”1763″,s:1420359,tbid:”78″}); Singer Marsha Ambrosius made her way to Baltimore. We met up with her and her fans at Cricket Wireless on Eutaw Street. Needless to say, things got a little crazy….As we tried to see what or who was in Marsha’s limo, Dre Johnson got violated by some of his fans, and Alichia Cruz […]

Photos courtesy of Getty Images R. Kelly ‘s Love Letters Tour rolled through Baltimore Friday night and brought along world class acts like Marsha Ambrosius, Keyshia Cole and of course R. Kelly. Baltimore definitely showed up, young and old, to see “the man” R. Kelly and hear hit after hit after hit. With over 22 […]

Mary J Blige opened the 2011 BET awards last night which took over LA with lackluster performances and even worst TV blunders. The four hour show was packed with awkward moments (Coca-Cola’s Viewer’s Choice Award) and unfair categories consisting of has-beens, never-was’ and superstars (Best Female Rap). The best performance of the night goes to […]

In the latest installment of TheUrbanDaily’s “Face To Face”, R&B stars Marsha Ambrosius and Miguel interview one another: As Marsha Ambrosius states, life is all about rolling with the punches. You might have to switch to plan b, maybe even eventually plan g, depending on what life throws your way. Marsha and Miguel discuss what […]

Marsha Ambrosius’ Late Nights & Early Mornings cd is definitely one of the must-have’s of 2011. The video for the title track, Late Nights & Early Mornings, has finally arrived! I LOVED the song (matter of fact the entire album). If the video is anywhere close to the song, you might have to watch this […]

Marsha Ambrosius’ latest music video “Late Nights, Early Mornings” promotes a safe sex message for new couples. J- Erving directed the title track from Ambrosius’ solo album. While Marsha and her date engage in protected sexual activity, another couple does not, intern spreading the HIV infection. Marsha Ambrosius Gets Love From “Marshians” [VIDEO] Marsha Ambrosius […]

In the next installment of “Face To Face” R&B stars Marsha Ambrosius and Miguel talk about their first loves and share their mutual passion for music. Admitting that she is a huge fan of Miguel’s hit single “All I Want Is You” the songstress breaks into a beatbox of the song and Miguel gives a […]

Photos by @robinrazzi My favorite artist stopped by the Q Studios to show me some love this afternoon, Marsha Ambrosius. She is in town along with Melanie Fiona and Anthony David for BET’s “Music Matters Tour” at Rams Head LIVE. From what I hear the show is SOLD OUT! That’s what I’m talking about.

Two of our favorite artists, Melanie Fiona and Marsha Ambrosius, are joining forces to co-headline a tour together, the “BET Music Matters Tour.” The ladies will begin hitting the road in less than a month! The 16-date tour will include stops in Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Baton Rouge, and New York City. R&B singer Anthony […]

Former Floetry songstress Marsha Ambrosious has struck out solo and is readying her debut Late Nights and Early Mornings, which drops in March.


In 2007, a new song by Lauryn Hill called “Lose Myself” appeared on the soundtrack to the animated film Surfs Up.  In 2011, Marsha Ambrosius has revived the song and included it on her solo debut, Late Nights & Early Mornings.