So Akon is considering running for president in the 2020 election. He also wants his running mate to be Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Would you vote for Akon? source

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sent a stern message to employees who have been crossing out the “Black Lives Matter” slogan on a public company art wall and writing in “All Lives Matter.” Zuckerberg’s frustration was voiced in an internal memo that was leaked, according to an exclusive report from Gizmodo. Reporters at Gizmodo were able […]

We're not sure if people caught the irony behind Kanye West asking the CEO of Facebook for $1 billion on Twitter.

After years of requesting that Facebook provide a “dislike” button, it seems co-founder Mark Zuckerberg is finally listening. During a Q&A at the social network’s headquarters…

Hey! At least they’re spending their money wisely! Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife thought it was a very nice gesture to GIVE the CDC Foundation a cool $25 million to help fight this ebola epidemic. Because clearly, it’s a money issue, right?   Read more here: “We believe our grant is the quickest way […]


Investors are worried about the image of the CEO because they need to see that he cares about them as investors. We will see how this plays out with investors.