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The United States Attorney's Office announced on Wednesday that Ryan Reavis, one of three men alleged to have supplied rapper Mac Miller with the pills containing fentanyl that led to his fatal overdose, has agreed to plead guilty to a charge of distribution.

Released in the summer of 2010, the mixtape was the start of a huge creative uptick for the late Pittsburgh rapper and producer.

After Rapper Mac Miller passed away from an alleged overdose fans were left shattered and wanted so much more from the 26 year old. Well a little over a year later fans will finally get more! Mac Miller’s official Instagram page posted a message announcing Mac has a new album on the way called “Circles” […]

If these men are found guilty, they will be required to serve a mandatory minimum of 20 years in prison.

A second man has been arrested in connection to the investigation into the overdose death of Mac Miller. Ryan Reavis of Arizona was the target of efforts by the FBI and DEA and is now in custody. TMZ reports: 36-year-old Lake Havasu City resident Ryan Reavis is in custody … this after the FBI and […]

The shocking death of rapper and producer Mac Miller is still heavy on the minds and hearts of his fans of those who knew and loved him personally. A slight hint of justice regarding the loss of the talented artist may be coming forth as a man has been charged with murder in connection to […]

On September 7, exactly one year after the death of Mac Miller, fans in Pittsburgh will host a tribute at Blue Slide Park to celebrate his life and the music he made. “The Celebration of Mac Miller” will take place at noon local time and will feature music and videos. Following his death, thousands gathered […]

Mac Miller was dead for hours before his body was discovered last Friday, according to TMZ. Police sources say it was clear to paramedics that Mac was dead long before they arrived. Someone in Miller’s house called 911 on Friday around noon, as a “cardiac arrest,” but it seems that the person who found him […]

The rapper was found unresponsive at his California home.

On the heels of unveiling The Divine Feminine tracklisting, Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller drops "My Favorite Part."

Ariana Grande has no problem moving on to the next after public break ups—even if her new man has the same occupation as her ex. According to rumors making the rounds on the internet, the “Dangerous Woman” has been getting cozy with Mac Miller. The pair were spotted making out at Katsu-Ya in Encino Sunday night, […]