From what I know, Maryland rapper, Logic, don’t be bothering anyone. One person that seems to always have something negative to say about him is Joe Buddens. Logic recorded a cover of Ice Cube’s “Today Was A Good Day” and shared online. Buddens was one of the first to criticize him and asked him to […]

Luckily Logic was able to get over those feelings, but if he thought that revelation would draw any kind of empathy from the New Jersey rapper, he was sadly mistaken. After the interview aired, Buddens took to his Twitter page to comedically respond and said that Logic was "reverse bullying" him before responding to some fans clowning Logic for feeling suicidal.

Well, ain't gonna be no convincing Joe Buddens of anything else anytime soon. He did say he was listening to this upcoming album, No Pressure and admitted that if it was a dope project he would say so.

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Gender reveals took over the timeline in a viral sensation that lasted longer than most. Bringing a child into the world is one of the greatest feelings one can experience, or so I’ve heard. Typically the internet is full of couples bursting everything from balloons to baseballs unleashing blue or pink confetti to indicate the […]

Maryland rapper Logic drops an entire new project titled Bobby Tarantino.

The up-tempo joint effort premiered on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 Radio show and quickly caught the attention of hip-hop fans everywhere.