The county is hosting several virtual town hall meetings to discuss recent incidents and find solutions to controlling campuses. Details inside.

  Today’s Breakfast Bite Question Happy first day of school to all students.heading back to class today! Tag us in your young ones pics heading back to school or let us who you want to have a great school year!             

Four Maryland Casinos have been accused of letting in under age customer’s. the casinos said they would take corrective measures to ensure patrons are at least 21, You say what? do you feel that the right corrective measures are begin put in effect to make sure that the right age is allowed in the casino. YOU […]

This week on “Stylin On Em” I got the chance to sit down with my Girl Trease . See what she has going on in the community .            

In memory of the amazingly talented B’more artist, Smash aka T-Mac, check out this gem of a video. It’s local artist, Greespan featuring the late T-Mac, rockin off to the song “Make Believe”.   I was moved when I saw this.  Check it out and tell me what you think…  *Disclaimer: This video contains profanity. […]

Via  Baltimore was ranked on at 7 as “the worst city to find a job”. Baltimore’s unemployment rate is at 10 percent. This number is above the state and national average. Read More.  Ray-Off Dance-Off Winner Announced… Ray Lewis “Denver Final Ride” Club Track Produced By K.W. Griff [LISTEN HERE] Rihanna Shows All […]

Via  A trade school in Baltimore, Wheaton, and Columbia closed down in the middle of classes telling students that they had to leave the building because school no longer had any money. American Career Institute left students without an education and staff without employment. The school claims that it was no longer able to […]

Via  So it wasn’t just us that thought 2012 was a bit toasty. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration the U.S had its warmest year in history. The average temperature was 55 degrees. Is this a warning or just mother nature? Read More.  Are You Being Ratchet in 2013?? One Change That […]

Via  Today a pedestrian was hit and killed in Towson. The accident happened in the 6800 block of  Loch Raven. The accident happened late in the morning. Read More.  Kevin Hart Tells The World He Saved Ludacris’s Life {VIDEO} Apple Says Get Ready The iPhone 5 Is Coming in 5 New Colors & New […]

Via  A 6-year-old boy was suspended from school  after pretending to shoot a gun with his fingers. His parents believe the school went too far when they disciplinary action. For now the school has wiped the boys record clean in regard to his suspension. Read More.  The Myths About The Flu Shot! FDA Approves Home HIV […]

Via Kenny Shaw was brutally beat on Christmas night by six men. Kenny is homosexual and  believes that he was targeted because he is gay. The community gathered to support Kenny in a vigil to protest hate. Read More.  FDA Approves Home HIV Test The Myths About The Flu Shot! CNN Crowns Nas “The […]

Via  A six-year-old from Silver Spring was suspended from school after making shooting  gestures at another student. The family of the minor is very upset with the schools decision to suspend for a day. They feel the school could have imposed a lesser consequence. Read More Should Ray Lewis Have Waited To Make Announcement Can’t Celebrate […]