Lauryn Hill has been pissing people off for the last few years with her persistent lateness.

As the world mourns the death of legendary singer Prince, Frank Ocean expressed his condolences in a letter dedicated to the iconic singer.

This is a letter and a drawing Eminem sent to Tupac’s mother, Afeni Shakur. — HIP HOP FACTS (@OnlyHipHopFacts) July 14, 2015 Eminem has…

Holiday Guide

Dear Christmas, Holiday Greetings! This is your old friend, Thanksgiving. Long time no hear from. I hope your year went better than mine. I won’t…

I think I may be the only person who is proud to hear the news that HIP HOP mogul Jay Z decided to proceed with his arrangement with Barney’s to benefit his clothing line and charity. However, Barney’s won’t be too happy to hear that 100% of the proceeds will benefit Jay’s charity The Shawn […]

It was reported earlier that a suspicious letter was sent to President Obama.  The FBI has confirmed that both the letters sent to President Barack Obama and a Mississippi senator have tested positive for poisonous ricin and are both postmarked from Memphis, Tennessee.  It was also reported by a senator that the police have a […]

  Stacey Dash felt the need to let the public know why she decided to publicly endorse Gov. Mitt Romney. She released a lengthy statement to all of her fans and those who criticized her harshly. Read the full story HERE.  

News of Lauryn Hill owing tax money and facing possible jail time has caused a media frenzy. Lauryn decided to release a statement to address the public. In the statement she addresses a number of things, including owing the IRS. Lauryn says she had to stop paying taxes because she and her family had to […]

Beyonce was not seen in Los Angeles during the fiasco surrounding the Grammys and Whitney Houston’s shocking death, but she did release a statement through her website: “The loss of Whitney Houston is painful. I remember meeting Whitney for the first time when I was 15. She was the ultimate legend. The ultimate woman. Not […]

Here is the lil gem she posted on facebook:      Hello my friends–Thank you for the kindest words I’ve ever heard. It’s so rewarding to hear how the show has impacted your life in profound and simple ways.           Thank you for your good wishes. I’m bolstered and fueled by the energy of your every good […]

Lil Wayne posted a letter on his blog to all the mother’s of his kids and his own mother.  He expressed his appreciation for mothers and admires the bond between them and their kids.