Carmelo Anthony is going through it. Despite insisting he is a victim of the jig—as in a lack of context—his wife La La posted a photo of a knife in a heart on Instagram. La La quickly deleted said post, but this is the Internets after all. By now you’ve heard about Melo being […]

Carmelo Anthony is making headlines for cheating again, despite denouncing latest photos of him on a yacht with an unknown woman in France. According to Carmelo, he was on a business trip and the woman in the photos is on the retreat with her family. The floating NBA player, who hasn’t been picked up by […]


The Anthony’s were just trying to enjoy Father’s Day, but one Twitter user decided to throw a wrench in all that and asked should La La accept Carmelo’s daughter he had when he stepped out on his marriage? As you can imagine, the flood gates opened up with thoughts on the social network. While […]

Carmelo Anthony is no stranger to reality tv. He made a few appearances on LaLa’s “Full Court Life” on Vh1 throughout the 5 season run, and now he may be getting ready for his very own show. According to sources, Melo has pitched a reality show to several networks that would focus on his work […]

Chris Rock and his wife have filed for divorce. Lala and Carmelo Anthony are….uhhh…trying to figure things out! However, that didn’t stop comedian, Chris Rock, from putting his hat in the ring for a date with Lala. While on Wendy Williams, Chris talked about his ‘Total Blackout’ comedy tour, his divorce and a bunch of […]

Ever since Tasha told Keisha about what she, Tommy and Ghost were doing secretly behind her back with her shop, we haven’t seen too much of her; especially, after the weird Russian guy walked into the shop. Did he kill her? Everyone has been asking “Where is Keisha?” “Is she dead?” “Is she alive?” Well, over […]

Source: Shareif Ziyadat / Getty 50 Cent checked in with The Fam today and dropped some serious bombs for us about his hit show, POWER. The ultimate betrayal – who’s already smashed Tasha??? How did Lala react to finding out she had to do a nude scene??? Check out what 50 had to say!