Tonight will be a historic night of basketball. First we have the Golden State Warriors going for The Chicago Bulls record of 72 wins. If Steph and the crew win, they will have the BEST RECORD EVER! if they lose…. they go back to being….average LOL. Then there’s the ending of a era. We all […]

Talking to my big homie Squirrel Wyde, he told me Kobe Bryant has one more game before he exit stage left. He has have a fairy tale career. He has All Stars, Chips, And records. But one of my most memorable moments gots ta be when the boy dropped 81 points……81 DAMN POINTS!!!!. you haven’t […]

After the video was released of Iggy Azalea’s fiance Nick Young kinda admitting to cheating on her Iggy has made it clear she isn’t  leaving him but if it happens again drastic steps will be made! During a recent interview Iggy was asked about the leak  video her response was hilarious, “I already said one more […]

Kobe Bryant's way of motivating his teammates has always been to push...and slightly infuriate them.

Not ASAP Rocky, but Rocky star Sylvester Stallone got a how to take a selfie lesson from his beautiful daughters.  CLICK HERE to see what it all looks like.  Yeah we know, slow news day.  LOL

  According to ESPN, Kobe Bryant just passed fellow LA Lakers Super Hero Alum Wilt Chamberlain on the NBA‘s career scoring list. With 7:54 remaining…

Although the Los Angeles Lakers are struggling right now in the stacked NBA Western Conference, the team owned the early part of the century. Anchored…

From being hugged up with Breezy at a Lakers game to being photographed completely nekkid by the paparazzi……Has Rihanna gone wild? We got a call from a concerned neighbor of the starlet.  Miss Carmen is a friend of the show and lives on the same street as Rihanna’s family in the Barbados.  CLICK TO HEAR WHAT […]


This has be going on for a year or longer and now the deal could be done. Dwight Howard a Laker and they get to keep the big guys too. This could be the team to meet Lebron in the Championship Game. We been waiting for this and everybody is talking. Read More: Lakers Follow […]

Megan Good, to the dismay of many men, recently became engaged to actor and pastor DeVon Franklin. The two were spotted, cozied up at a Lakers game. Megan was comfortable with her man, sporting no makeup and a baseball cap. Oh, did I mention she was also sporting her new engagement ring?

NBA Star Ron Artest has received his own reality television program. The show, entitled “Last Second Shot”, depicts Artest and mental health experts mentoring parolees. “We’re gonna put them through an intensive experience,” Artest says. “Give them hope and confidence to change their lives.” The show has not been picked up yet, but its production […]

After the Lakers loss to the Celtics Sunday, Kobe Bryant made an appearance at The Vault to debut the second trailer from his short film The Black Mamba that premieres during NBA All Star Weekend next month in Los Angeles. In the second preview, Kobe encounters his opponents Bruce Willis (Die Hard), Danny Trejo (Machete) […]