Kevin Durant

Joseline Hernadez shook up the Internet last night when she posted a photo of what appears to be a baby bump. The reality star also posted a photo of red wine with the caption, “Red wine only,” which is reportedly “safe” to drink in moderation during pregnancy. However, if you’re familiar with the […]

What a day it has been for Kevin Durant. For starters, he decided to sign a 2-year $54 Million contract with the Golden State Warriors. Next came the criticism for joining a team that he fought so hard against in the Western Conference finals this year. Much of the uproar is that he’ll be […]

Tonight, the Oklahoma City Thunder will travel to the Bay area to play the Golden State Warriors.

Everyone knows Michael Jordan is one of the best trash talkers to ever set foot on the basketball court.

The Golden State Warriors pushed their historic record to 53-5 on Saturday night with a victory against the Oklahoma City Thunder, but it was certainly…

The art of trash-talking in sports is one attempted by most but mastered by few and when NBA All-Star weekend rolls around, you’d better believe…

Queen Latifah's Flavor Unit Productions is producing a Lifetime film about NBA superstar Kevin Durant and his single mother, Wanda Pratt.

LeBron James has been a force to be reckoned with since his entrance into the league in 2003, so it's no surprise he's the highest paid player in the NBA, with over $71 million in earnings per year, according to Forbes.

Beyoncé wasn’t the only one who killed it when it came to Halloween costumes. Kevin Durant, days before he starts his comeback season, decided to shoot for…

Jay Z is a businessman and looks out for the people that are signed under Roc Nation Sports. Kevin Durant already said Jay z knows his lane when it comes to dealing with KD but Gatorade and Nike aren’t happy right now.  Let’s just see what Jay z is working on now!   Read More: […]