From what I know, Maryland rapper, Logic, don’t be bothering anyone. One person that seems to always have something negative to say about him is Joe Buddens. Logic recorded a cover of Ice Cube’s “Today Was A Good Day” and shared online. Buddens was one of the first to criticize him and asked him to […]

I think everyone knows how EPIC a collaborative event with Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim would be. More than ever before, it seems that we may be closer to see the two join forces for something… we hope. During an interview with Joe Budden, he said that the Nicki & Kim need to do a […]

On the most recent episode of his eponymously named podcast, fans on Twitter have committed to taking his words out of context and assuming the host admitted to being bisexual, and the jokes are doing what they do on the social media network.

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Just one day after former See, The Thing Is co-host Olivia Dope released a video alleging sexual harassment by Joe Budden, the popular media personality has issued a public response. || RELATED: Joe Budden Named In Graphic Sexual Harassment Allegation By Ex-Employee || || RELATED: Joe Budden Fires Co-Host From ‘Joe Budden Podcast’ || On Tuesday […]

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The past few weeks have been quite the ride for Joe Budden and The Joe Budden Podcast. After losing co-hosts Rory and Mal following several tension-filled episodes, the former rapper made headlines for publicly bashing the men as he confirmed that Rory was officially fired from the show. But things seem to have taken a […]

The original format appears to be no more as host Joe Budden fired one of his co-hosts live on air, leading to Rory Farrell and Jamil "Mal" Clay to address the split in brutally honest, but perhaps necessary fashion.


A war of words can be especially fiery when recorded and shared with the masses, here are some that went way too far.

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“If anybody leaves it’s over. It’s done.. that’s it.” It looks like The Joe Budden Podcast will never be the same. Budden had harsh words for former co-hosts Rory and Mal in Episode 437 of the pod, which the rapper shared Wednesday (May 12). Joe called Rory and Mal’s lack of effort to build their […]

On Wednesday, the JBP Boyz joined host Joe Budden after a few weeks and it appears that loyal fans of the pod are excited about the news.

Today, the Pod-Father has partnered with Patreon, bringing his eponymous podcast, network, and related exclusive content to the platform.

As the world continues to wait on pins and needles over the 2020 election humor is in high demand right now. One reality television star got some comedic relief from a misfired tweet. As spotted on Hot New Hip Hop a meme with good intentions didn’t connect as intended but went viral as a funny fail. […]

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Joe Budden seriously had to deny having sex with dogs.