If you are one of the many Americans that is unemployed or under-employed then you may want to read the below list.  I have to admit I am guilty of doing one of them…oops!  I thought it was good to ask if there was room for growth in a company….turns out, It is NOT. CLICK […]

      Servers The Chameleon is currently looking for a highly motivated individual with a minimum of TWO YEARS experience in the restaurant industry. Bar tending experience is a plus as servers have to make their own cocktails. This position will include serving, bussing, back-waiting, and hosting shifts. Please bring in your resume Tuesday-Friday […]

In today’s ratchet economy most people aren’t getting raises but the cost of living continues to rise. What are you doing to make ends meet or to make extra money? What’s your side hustle? Here’s what some callers had to say….. Click Here to Listen to the Callers

      Safe & Responsible Driver (Baltimore) I am looking for someone who is a very responsible and safe driver. Great job for a retired Law Enforcement. Needed for approximately 15-25 hours a week. On an every other week situation. Must be flexible and have an excellent driving record. Needed to start within a […]

    Drivers Wanted (Baltimore/Glen Burnie) S & S Sedan Services, LLC is a new sedan company opening in the Baltimore, Brooklyn Park, and Glen Burnie areas. All drivers must have a Passenger for Hire License or be willing to apply for one through the Maryland Public Service Commission as required by the State of […]

Male Security Wanted!!! (Baltimore MD) Look For MEN security for night clubs must have reliable transportation a good background and look presentable. For more info contact Jacob @ 443-226-1843       DRIVERS (Baltimore) Transportation Broker seeks owner/operators to perform routes in Baltimore, MD. Requirements: 53 ft tractor trailer or 26 ft straight truck with […]

Tow Truck Drivers (Baltimore) Tow truck drivers needed. Rollback and Medium Duty drivers wanted. Towing company in Southwest Baltimore, Must have experience – no training – no exceptions. Please call 410.385.8600 Sedan Driver Needed (Baltimore) looking for sedan driver with his own clientele (customer base). You only pay $75dollars for 4days,and three days are yours […]

Entry Level Driving Position (Baltimore) We are looking for several candidates to work in our warehouse. You will be loading/unloading the trucks. Once the trucks are loaded, you will drive it to the distribution warehouse which is 1 mile away. Once you arrive there, you will unload the products then drive back to the main […]

My best friend has been unemployed for well over a month. She has well over 15 years of experience in administration, but she finds it challenging to get offered a “good” job that she’s qualified for. So she is constantly asking me “girl, why can’t I get a freakin job?” You might be asking the […]

Question: Things you don’t say or do in the workplace? Name some? Nicole Scott- GOSSIP DjBunk Dodson -likes this..DjBunk Dodson Pass gas or change the radio station from 92Q Chereese Barrett- Go postal or threaten some ones life. Marcil Seibles -For the females wear revealing clothing to work!!!!! Carlos Biglos White -TALK POLITICS ALWAYS END […]

Question: What should never be said to your Boss? Sharbett Morton- Your and ASSHOLE!! Ashly Smith F- you. Lol. Marvin RIff Rivers- Your lazy, I know there is work around here you can be doing Sonye’ Collick -You’re not the boss of me♪… Lacey Livingbetternow Johnson- I can do your job, better than you. Tanisha […]

Have someone on your staff who does not put effort into his or her  job? It is probably because they do not think of their position as a career. Here are tips to tell the difference between a job and a career. 1) Each job is a tool to provide income to reach financial goals. […]