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Jay Leno gives an emotional goodbye after 22 years on The Tonight Show.  He became host of the show in 1992 replacing Johnny Carson.  The Tonight Show rolls on with new host  Jimmy Fallon tonight. Click to see more! RELATED: Why Kanye West & Kim K Won’t Make It Down The Aisle [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Dwayne Wade stopped by Jay Leno and admitted to breaking up with Gabrielle Union…. I like them as a couple…Dwayne and Gabrielle. GABRIELLE UNION HAS A MESSAGE FOR D-WADE’S EXES WHAT IT’LL TAKE FOR GABRIELLE TO HAVE A BABY WITH DWAYNE WADE *** CHECK OUT THE LATE SHOW W/DJ ANGELBABY M-F 2A-6A & ON INSTAGRAM […]


Monica & Brandy were set to make their first live performance of their collabo, It All Belongs To Me, at Clive Davis Pre-Grammy party, but was cancelled due to the death of Whitney Houston. Well last night, the duo made their first public performance of their song on Jay Leno! http://www.dailymotion.com/embed/video/xorpzc 2122173143 by YardieGoals MONICA […]

1990s superstars Brandy & Monica are hot on the promo trail campaigning for a spot in each of our hearts, on our playlists & of course on the radio airwaves with their brand new single “It All Belongs to Me.” This week, they kick things into a much higher gear with a special live performance […]

Kelly Rowland gave a sizzling performance on Jay Leno last night, seducing audience members with a cream pantsuit and visible bra. Kelly killed a breakdown in the middle of the set with her male back-up dancers. Kelly is celebrating the release of third solo album Here I Am. Go Kelly! Beyonce Surprises Kelly Rowland With […]

Jennifer Hudson’s dramatic weight loss and gorgeous new figure has everyone talking and admiring her svelte shape. Everyone that is, except her fiance David Otunga. In an interview on ‘The Tonight Show’ last week, Jennifer (in an absolutely gorgeous dress) told Jay Leno of the weight loss, that “he’s getting adjusted to it…. He’s not […]

The internet has been buzzing about her.  I first heard about her on Twitter.  Dave Chapelle was making jokes about her, so naturally I had to research…and OMG!!! LMAO!!!!!  but I guess this internet sensation is having the last laugh.  Her name is Rebecca Black, the song is “FRiday” and she is a millionaire now…..if […]

Ms. Gaga says that most artists lie but not her…she keeps it real. She was on 6o Minutes Sunday night and when Anderson Cooper asked her about drugs, she admitted to smoking weed when she writes and that she likes to drink whiskey.  Then last night Leno asked her about her Grammy performance, she said […]

Sade sells records the old fashioned way, making good music. I think she could have about 6 singles off this album.