Jackson Family

It is being reported by TMZ that the biological mother of Prince and Paris Jackson aka Michael Jackson‘s eldest kids wants her children back as a…

The news broke earlier today that Paris Jackson, the daughter of Michael Jackson was rushed to the hospital today after a possible suicide attempt.  The medics on the scene say they responded to an overdose and that Paris had multiple fresh cuts across one of her wrists.  Now sources are revealing that Paris had suicide […]

Can you believe it… Ms. Jackson turns 47 today! The American recording artist and actress has a series of sonically innovative, socially conscious and sexually provocative records, as well as elaborate stage shows, television and film roles, she has been a prominent figure in popular culture for over 25 years. Miss Jackson is the youngest child […]

She spent three hours sifting through magazine and newspaper clippings and artwork to create a tribute to her Dad and our ‘King of Pop.’ Paris has been under fire lately with some family members because she “violated” a promise she made to her dad and Auntie Janet Jackson to not get into show business until […]

Rebbie Jackson will be touring the country with her daughter talking about mental illness.