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We brought in the New Year and with a new year comes new goals.  We celebrate the goals and motivation of 2014 with this week’s Instagrammy Awards.  Here are our favorite #MotivationFor2014 posts. love this one from @workout_healthyeating and this one from @bella_rose_since_1984 and how bout this 2 honorable mentions… from @consistencyisthekeytosucceed  great info and […]

It was a great year on Instagram…from the ratchet memes, celeb spottings to the ever popular #selfie movement.  For our last instagrammy’s of 2013 we salute our listeners and their awesome SELFIES.  Check out some our fav #SelfiesOF2013 AND get ready for all the fun to come in 2014 with The D.A. Show @dreJohnson1 @tweetAcruz […]

The Air Jordan Retro Gamma 11’s dropped this weekend and some people have lost their mind.  Sad to say that fights broke out across the country for these kicks… but happy to say our friends on IG had lots of jokes about the pandemonium.  This week’s Instagrammy’s are dedicated our favorite #GAMMA #MEMES LOL  s/o […]

It’s a Pimpin-Pimpin Weekend on the Q so we salute the most #pimpin #Selfies …check out some of our favs from this week. @_lu_cy @primericamyhome @blj1214 @losetowinagain Listen to Dre Johnson and Alichia Cruz every Saturday 3p-7p 92.3 fm in Baltimore or listen online connect with us on Twitter: @drejohnson1
@tweetacruz instagram: @drejohnson1   
@tweetacruz […]

Tis the season for #cuffin so of course we had to celebrate our favorite #cuffinSeason pics.  Big shout out to @keyawntay for this perfect #cuffin pic.  From the matchin outfits to the strategically showing off of her booty… It’s a great shot.  Cheers to this cute couple and check out the honorable mentions below. Listen […]

Today we celebrate on the birthday of one of the greatest rappers of all time.  Today Nasir Jones turns the big 4-O and check out some of our fav NAS pics from our friends on IG!!! shout out @ahistrxnomy for this classic joint. look at young Nasir rollin up …thanks @iamcarpediem_ for sharing Looks like […]

Through the years The D.A., Dre and Alichia, have met some interesting celebs.  Check out some our favs & read why we love them. Ed Reed was one of our favorite Ravens.  He was so cool down to earth when we met up with him on the day this pic was taken.  He was there […]

The internet has been buzzing all week after Kendrick Lamar murdered his colleagues on Big Sean’s track, Control. He claimed to be the King of rap and NY….. and basically told the rest of rap world to sit their a**es down.  So of course people got real ignit on Instagram with their hilarious responses to […]

Somewhere in SOHO, NYC there are people waiting in a long line for a delicious pastry know as a Cronut.  A cross between a donut and croissant….it has swept the nation and people are going nuts for ’em.  So of course it’s all over IG. Check out some of fav #Cronut pics. Shout out to […]

Stevie J was in B’more this weekend and hung out with The D.A. so we decided to dig up some of our favorite Stevie J instagram pics.  Check em out! Lol… dude is such a pimp he is now a relationship status. smh…..  really tho? leave it to Stevie to start this LPG…how many life […]

A week after a Florida jury acquitted George Zimmerman in the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, rallies were held across the country.  We dedicate our Instagrammy awards to touching coverage of the rally’s.  #JusticeForTrayvon shout out to @jassosocial and @thejasminebrand great pic of the Carter’s showing support shouts to our sis @iikanemusic powerful pic at […]

Check out this week’s winning thoughts / pics we found on Instagram. Shout out to @kellyvisionkelly great post and thanks for going on the air with us.   lol #truth from @cstyles12   very good advice for the fellas from @ramonestyles Connect with us on IG at DreJohnson1 & tweetAcruz and Check out this RELATED […]