i am black history

We are celebrating Black History this month and today, I am honoring a woman who is not from Baltimore but from another urban city and has encountered many obstacles and challenges that many of our women today face. I AM BALTIMORE BLACK HISTORY Dr. Elaine Richardson (or Dr. “E”) is the voice for women of […]

Although I didn’t grow up in Baltimore, I have grown to appreciate the traditions and the legacies that make up this great city. From the skyline to the people, Baltimore is enriched with culture, charm ( in some places) and history. One Baltimore legacy in particular that I’ve grown to respect is Baltimore’s Mother Theresa, Bea […]

To honor one of my favorite past times of television, I can’t celebrate black history without mentioning one of the most popular sitcoms that took over American households from 1984 to 1992! Who didn’t watch The Cosby Show on television on NBC, Thursday nights? What African American household didn’t imagine their family living vicariously through Heathcliff […]

Being from Baltimore it’s certain areas and landmarks everyone should be aware of. The Inner Harbor is one. The Washington Monument is another. But for me, there’s one that stands out….. The legendary Mondawmin Mall! Did you know that Mondawmin Mall is the #1 Mall in the United States in terms of cash intake…….WOW! See […]