In the latest installment of Paternity Test Tuesday, The Rickey Smiley Morning Show helps out a pair who hooked up behind the back of a man’s wife. In the midst of some rocky marriage territory, he ended up getting a bit too drunk and landing himself in the bed of another woman. Now, he need to know […]

Say what?  Could this be a new couple alert?  Wow, looks like Selena Gomez is giving Justin Bieber a taste of his own medicine.  The couple have been on and off the past few months and he allegedly had random hook ups with models….Well a couple gossip sites are saying the Ms. Gomez “is a […]

Is Kim K really interested in dating this New York Knick. Sources say she has been pursuing him. What’s up with her always going for athletes? See what she had to say to these questions in the latest D.A. Report.

THE D.A. REPORT   Oh Drizzy,Drizzy, Drizzy!! He just can’t keep a secret.  In a recent L.A. radio interview the Young Money rapper was asked if Weezy and Nicki Minaj were drowning who would he save. His responded by saying, “I would pull up Nicki. Let me justify that…*laughs* We’re in the middle of nowhere […]