A man dies and a news crew shows up to the house. They just want to know if anybody can give a statement about the death. A truck pulls up and a young man tells the news crew to get out of there and keep it moving. The news crew didn’t move fast enough, so […]

Via: MGK is proving that he is a wild boy! He’s been arrested at shows, he thrashes on stage, and never backs down from getting wild at his shows. He recently stopped into Columbus for the premiere of the movie ‘Project X’. During his show the ‘Wild Boy’ decides to stage dive from the […]

Whitney Houston’s out of control daughter Bobbi Kristina may really need that intervention…Bobbi Kristina was recently photographed holding a gun. But not just any gun, an illegal AR-15 semiautomatic rifle. It’s illegal to own this type of weapon in California, except in special circumstances!! Go here to see the pic. Whitney Houston’s Daughter Bobbi Kristina […]