It's a comedian's nature to make fun of colleagues, but Faizon Love just took his banter to another level.

Don’t come for a mama bear’s cub or you will definitely feel the wrath! Earlier today, Amber Rose posted a picture of her son, sebastian, rocking one of her wigs. As innocent as that was, followers on her social media account began calling her son gay and questioned her parenting skill. She responded to […]

People left nasty comments under the playful photo, accusing Moore of being gay and in the closet.

BadAzz doesn't have progressive views when it comes to homosexuality. He blames television's increasing presence of gay characters for influencing kids to be gay.

Well as the heat raises around rapper/actor Will Smith for his and his wife’s opinions on the Oscars rumors of him allegedly being gay  n alleged proof is now coming out. What do you think and at this point does it even matter?????     Photo credit getty images   click here for full story […]

  CNN just broke the news that the State of Alabama’s Supreme Court just released the info that Same Sex Marriages are a NO GO!!  This is a shocker, since less than a year ago we thought it was a national law that everyone could get married.  What are your thoughts on this decision?  CLICK […]

By now everyone is over Yusaf Mack.  Why?  I’m glad you asked.  What started as a scandal of a all male porn of a Philadelphia Boxer, has now turned into a whirlwind of MESS, and LIES and America is sick of it.  When the link first leaked, Yusaf released a statement saying he was drugged […]

In the latest installment of  Paternity Test Tuesday, a Michael Ealy look-a-like comes out of the closet just in time to find out whether the…

This has been a question in Hip Hop for years. Who’s the gay rapper? Will he/she blow up? Does their skills matter? I was watching a show on VH1 last night called “Out In Hip Hop”. The panel included Ray J and even DMC. To LBGT heros like Big Freida and 92Q’s own Buttaman. It […]

  OH! MY! GOD!  Well you know the week always starts off with a scandal.  Well one of the top exec’s for Herve Leger, “Bandage Dress” creator as seen on Nicki Minaj and many others, done upset plus sized women and some of the celebs AND a few in the LGBT community with a comment […]

The Meek vs. everybody saga is continuing to unfold and his ride or die lady Nicki Minaj is not letting her name get thrown around…

Gary With Da Tea hung out with Hot 107.9 crew at Birthday Bash and his sexuality came up in conversation. Watch the video to see Gary explain…