As we countdown to the NAACP Image Awards, Roland Martin talked with comedians Chris Spencer, Buddy Lewis and author Fonzworth Bentley about the fashion do’s and…


Fonzworth Bentley hit the scene as Diddy’s personal assistant and made a mark with his gentlemanly style. Since then, he’s authored a a popular book,…

Fonzworth Bentley is back on his music grind, and he’s brought Faith Evans along for the ride.  Diddy’s former manservant just dropped this song, and it’s nowhere near as bad as you would expect.

Former star of the MTV reality show, “From G’s To Gents”  Baron “Dirty” Colon was arrested by Miami police last week for the slaying of artist Marcelo Vera during a botched robbery in January 2006. According to The Miami Herald, police say Colon was a suspect in the case even as the 24-year-old was a contestant […]

Baron “Dirty” Colon, who was a finalist on MTV’s “From G’s to Gents” in 2009, was arrested last week for the murder of Marcelo Vera during a botched robbery in January 2006. Colon, 24, of Miami Gardens, was a finalist on the second season of MTV’s “From G’s to Gents,” which offered $100,000 to the […]

As Black History Month begins to draw to a close, Fonzworth Bentley invites all of you to sit for a little “Fireside Chat.”

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