Wow….So the film “Back To The Future” was on the money with it’s depiction of the Hoverboard. What was once just a fictional form of transportation is now, over 20 years later, coming to life.  Lexus developers have brought the 80’s fantasy to life. You gotta see this… Click here to read more about the […]

Check out these listener tips on keeping long-term sex HOT!!!! Role play, foreplay, oils, candy & candles Occasionally add another woman Random sex. No matter where it is that itch has to be scratched 20 years with the same partner, you will be amazed at what you come up with…..I am still recovering from the […]

Want to try a threesome? Here are my tips for having one go off without a hitch!

The Sex Session was all about your sexy wish for the weekend ….   To find a women who won’t play games, this why I go to the strip club cuz I don’t have problems there To be wrapped in his arms and feel his tender kisses. A random “happy ending” at any time!!! To put […]