If you have been paying attention to the news lately, you have probably heard about families that have entered the states illegally have been separated. Due to the separation, children have been left at centers at the border. On Twitter, Governor Hogan has announced his decision to recall all of our National Guards back from […]

A woman calls up Spirit and with some questions about her two-year relationship with a man who she suspects of still being involved in some capacity with his baby mama. She feels as though his attentions are split in a way that goes beyond parenting the same child with her, and asks for Spirit’s advice. […]

As Bobbi Kristina Brown was laid to rest on Saturday, ongoing tensions between the Brown and Houston families erupted during her memorial service. Leolah Brown, Bobbi Kristina’s…

If you know somebody that has cancer or you have family history. I think this is something worth looking into because I truly believe in herbs, Minerals and supplements for illness. I don’t take over the counter or anything for that matter. I believe your body has everything it needs except vitamins and minerals. That’s […]