While we are trying to get our fashion choices together for the fall, Kim is out here setting the drip report straight with Kanye and those BIG BOOTS he keeps wearing. In a recent promo clip on “Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s” Kim is texting Kanye and told him, “you have been wearing those boots […]

Fall is lurking in the shadows waiting to make its debut, and what better way to greet the cool crisp season than by being fashionably prepared? 

#BlackModelsMatter and it was fantastic to see some of our favorite Black models slaying at the La Perla Fashion Show.

I am not THE fashion guy but I like what I like and depend on people around me to say if it looks good or not. Lana Rae is the person I would like to put her stamp on this because this is what she does. I will just simply show you some boot & […]

Dressing cute for work doesn’t have to stop at your clothes. You can flourish even more by doing things like swapping your boring laptop case for a fun leather one from Etsy or investing in a beautiful fountain pen to ink your contracts and deals. Here are some easy ways to liven up your work […]