Mama Tina got jokes! If you’ll recall, the world came to a complete stop a little over two years ago after we all suddenly realized Solange Knowles has some street fighter in her, her punching bag of choice none other than hip-hop mogul and brother-in-law Jay Z. As we know, the gossip surrounding the physical altercation wouldn’t […]

Seems this infamous video just will not go away but I find it funny that as innocent as this video of Ray Rice and his wife Janay Rice kissing while both in handcuffs wasn’t brought up in the midst of all the shade and hate that was brought upon them. As Ray Rice and his […]

Beyonce  has finally spoke out and shutting haters down on her new “Flawless” remix featuring Nicki Minaj  “Of course sometimes s*** goes down when there’s a billion dollars on an elevator…” (enough said)  Check out the remix below & let us know what you think HOT or NOT? EXPLICIT CONTENT  Follow me on Twitter||Instagram||Facebook  @PersiaNicole  WATCH […]

Just when you thought everyone has said everything that could possibly be said about the Jay Z and Solange elevator smackdown, Jay’s former business partner…

  Rihanna is now being blamed for Solange Knowles attacking Jay Z on the Standard Hotel elevator. is reporting that a drunken Solange was pissed that Hov was planning on hitting up Rihanna’s after party solo, instead of heading home with his wife. She reportedly questioned why he wasn’t going home with his wife […]