Derek Chauvin

Derek Chauvin and his legal team have reportedly been negotiating a federal plea deal that could provide some context to the cryptic message that the convicted murderer gave George Floyd's family in court during his sentencing.

Naturally, Chauvin's lawyer, Eric Nelson, is requesting a "probationary sentence with an incarceration period of time served."

The man charged with the murder of George Floyd’s death is already being punished for his actions. Derek Chauvin is now spending 23 hours a day in the box. As spotted on New York Magazine the disgraced police officer has been hit with some hard time ahead of his formal sentencing. He is currently being held […]

Another day and so more craziness! The former police officer Derek Chauvin,  who was charged in the death of George Floyd has  been released from prison. Sources say he was released after posting a non cash bond which may have been raised on the go fund me that helped release the other officers involved. There […]

It looks like things are getting more intense with the charges for the officers involved in the killing of George Floyd after new charges have been added! Derek Chauvin the ex officer who was seen with his knee on George’s neck is now facing an upgraded charges of 2nd degree murder. Derek was initially charged […]