Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga have been fairly quiet for a while, but new court documents show that there’s still some dissension between the two in their ongoing custody battle.

Jennifer Hudson isn't typically the kind of person to pop off on the internet.

Jennifer Hudson and her fiance David Otunga have been engaged for what seems like 20 years! But Gary With Da Tea is reporting it might have…

In case you didn’t know, David Otunga is more than just Jennifer Hudson‘s fiancee and father of her son. He is a Harvard educated lawyer…

Superstar singer Jennifer Hudson has been hard at work putting the finishing touches on her upcoming third album. However, even she took a break to…

Ok so why Jennifer Hudson’s boo David Otunga decided to get into all this rap drama and mention Wale I’m not sure but it was probably a  very very bad idea. Ok so David took to twitter to add onto the Kendrick Lamar rap battles saying, Hmmmm David really?  So of course Wale has no […]

Did Jennifer Hudson pull a Chrissy and give her fiance David Otunga an engagement ring? Jen recently revealed that she bought David an engagement ring at his insistence. Jen said: “He proposed to me on my birthday and he would complain that he didn’t have an engagement ring. He would say, ‘You have a ring, […]

Yesterday on “The Wendy Williams Show,” Wendy revealed what’s really going on with Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga‘s engagement. Rumors that the two have split have been in heavy circulation, but Wendy’s hot topics team found out the truth. The Place Jennifer Hudson Can’t Stay Away From After reaching out to David’s publicist at the […]

A rep for singer, actress and spokeswoman Jennifer Hudson made an official statement to shoot down rumors that Jennifer is calling off the wedding with her fiancee and baby daddy, David Otunga. Tabloids reported that the couple was constantly bickering due to ‘Jennifer’s career obsession, commitment issues and reluctance to have more children.’ Jennifer’s rep […]

I haven’t really focused on why Jennifer Hudson and fiance/wrestler David Otunga haven’t tied the knot yet but according to MTO and a member of Jennifer Hudson’s family it is because “[David] didn’t want to sign a pre-nup, and so they put the wedding on hold.” Jenn and David have been engaged since 2008 and […]

We don’t see them together much, but Jennifer Hudson is still with her reality star-turned-professional wrestling fiance and baby daddy David “Punk” Otunga. They’ve been engaged for three long years, and now she’s explaining why it’s taking so long for her to get her skinny self down the aisle. Her explanation doesn’t make much sense, […]