David E. Talbert

The cast of 'Almost Christmas' open up about their favorite (and go-to) dinner dish.

Director and producer David E. Talbert contributed to a list full of successful Black films released last year. He talks to “The Rickey Smiley Morning…

Paula Patton’s movie “Baggage Claim” by David E. Talbert hit the box office this weekend. Did Americans receive it well? Wellllll it came in at #4 making only $9million. I guess thats good considering it only cost about $8.5 million to make right? See which movies topped the box office this weekend below. Hopefully, people […]

Baggage Claim hits theaters TODAY and I must urge you all (men and women) to go out and see this movie! Not only is it funny, has the greatest actors and actresses, written and directed by MSU’s own David E. Talbert, but stars the adorable and talented Paula Patton, who plays Montana in the movie! […]

My trip to LA was amazing! Not only did I travel across the United States for the first time in my life, but I met some great people in radio, television, print and film. One included Morgan State alum, writer, producer and director of the new film Baggage Claim, David E. Talbert. I can’t express […]