Da Brat

Former "The Rap Game" star Nia kay channeled her rap idol Da Brat for Halloween, rocking Da Brat's signature 90s hairstyle.

LisaRaye is obviously hurt. When the actress' half-sister Da Brat tried to send the actress birthday wishes, instead of cheer she was greeted with exquisite shade while the tea was dropped that they hadn't spoken in months.

Da Brat is in a great space mentally right now and it's all because of her relationship with Jesseca Dupart.

This week while on the red carpet, Da Brat was asked about R. Kelly and the "Surviving R. Kelly" docuseries.

Da Brat is the first female rapper to go platinum. She herself is a legend. This may not have happened if Jermaine Dupri doesn’t discover the rapper at a talent show. Da Brat shows her gratitude any chance she gets to her mentor and the man who helped her become one of the greatest women […]

A new study has found that people are having less sex on average today than they were in the 90s.

A few weeks ago, Beyonce went to go see fellow diva Mariah Carey perform at her Christmas concert in New York City. When the two took the inevitable photo after the show, Gary alleges, people started to wonder whether Beyonce wasn’t aging too well. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Da Brat hears this and is […]

At a time when the status-quo seems to be changing rapidly, the rules of romance, engagement and weddings are undoubtedly shifting as well. When Da Brat poses the question about who picks the engagement ring to Gary With Da Tea, he breaks down all the desires of a woman who is recently engaged. Sign Up […]