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After quarantining in the house for 6 months, Josh Stokes decided to produce, Nu Love Fest 2.  NuLoveFest2 really brought the city together to celebrate the real Baltimore Music Culture, right on North Avenue. Dreamon Studios & Blaqstarrfilms documented the entire process: Developing the run of show, selecting the artists to perform, and showed some of the challenges of maneuvering through a pandemic. The NuLoveFest2 Documentary was produced and released it to the world November 20th to relive and experience this amazing night that featured over 50 talents and creators from Baltimore. 

After some of the highest COVID-19 numbers in Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has not put new restrictions on the state to help spread the virus. During a live press conference Hogan announced that effective Friday, Nov. 20th  bars and restaurants and other entertainment establishments will have to close at 10 p.m. The capacity for venues […]

A member of Baltimore Police Department has died from the coronavirus according to Mayor Jack Young Police Commissioner Harrison. Making this is the first death of a Baltimore City employee. Officials say, Michael Baptist, was a contract services specialist in Human Resources at the Baltimore Police Department. He passed away Friday evening. Baptist joined the […]


The coronavirus is explained by one of the top doctors in NYC who is treating COVID-19 people everyday. He is trying to let people know how to protect themselves and their families. He knows how to protect from getting the virus. Sign Up For Our Newsletter!